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Frequently Asked Questions




Q: Where is Songwriter Connect Located?

A: Songwriter Connect is a service of BBF Technology, Inc., which is located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA. It was originally founded by renowned songwriter/ producer Chris Erhardt, and formerly located in Dublin, Ireland. before BBF Technology, Inc. took over the platform.


Q: How is this platform being financed?

A: Mostly through ads. We are different from other platforms and try to keep the cost down for our members. Therefore we charge businesses to advertise on the platform. The annual membership account fee only covers basic costs to keep the lights on and provide you the opportunity to pitch your music on a high standard.


Application Process


Q: How much does it cost to apply for the Songwriter Connect membership

A: The application is free of charge.


Q: Can I apply with lyrics only?

A: No, you need to submit two fully produced demos of your songs.


Q: Do I commit to anything when applying for membership?

A: No, the application is with no obligations.


Q: Will I give away any rights to my songs when applying?

A: No, you keep all rights to your music. After the screening of your application, your music files will be deleted from our server.


Q: Why do you only accept fully produced demos?

A: If accepted, you can submit music to high profile opportunities. We have to make sure that only high quality recordings are being pitched to our contacts in order to maintain our relationships and image and continue to help the songwriting community to receive placements.


Q: How many applications do you normally approve?

A: This is hard to answer. Some weeks we receive mostly positive applications, while in other weeks we receive mainly weak applications. On average about 1 out of 10 applications get approved. We only work with songwriters that have the potential to be a successful commercial songwriter.


Q: How long does it take to receive an answer and will I always receive an answer no matter the outcome of my application?

A: We aim to review all applications within four weeks of submission, however during busy periods it might take longer. You will always receive an answer by the Songwriter Connect team. Depending on the outcome of your application there are three possible answers:


1. Your application got accepted and you can join our exclusive community of Songwriters

2. Your application got declined due to low quality recordings or productions

3. Your application got declined due to other reasons or because the A&R team feels like you are not a good match for us at this time.


Q: If my application is declined, can I apply again?

A: Yes, you can. However, keep in mind that your application got declined for a reason, so make sure to review your songs and apply with other songs or improve the original songs.


Sign Up process


Q: What happens if I get accepted?

A: If we feel that you are a good match for our community we will officially invite you to join Songwriter Connect. After receiving the invitation you have the possibility to accept or decline the application within 72 hours.


Q: What are the costs for joining Songwriter Connect?

A: Once you accept the application you are required to contribute $49 as an account maintenance contribution. This is an annual contribution every member of Songwriter Connect has to pay in order to maintain the website, source the opportunities and forward your songs to the opportunity contacts.


Q: What happens if I decline the invitation to join Songwriter Connect?

A: Nothing happens in that case. However, if you decide that you would like to join Songwriter Connect at a later stage, you have to go through the application process again.


Q: My application got accepted but I did not receive an invitation, instead I received a notification that I am on the waiting list of Songwriter Connect. What does that mean?

A: We strictly limit membership numbers to 500 members per Society in order to maintain a high quality. If all 500 slots are taken at the time of your application, you will be put on the waiting list until a slot opens. Once a slot opens up, you will receive the invitation as described above.


Q: What is a membership Society?

A: We group membership into Societies of strictly 500 members each. A Society is a group organized by locale and/or the primary genre of the songwriter. We are in the process, as of December of 2015, of categorizing each Society. A list of current Societies and their criteria will be posted on this site in the near future.




Q: How much does it cost to pitch to each opportunity?

A: It is free to submit your songs for each opportunity. However, please make sure to only submit on target songs, complete applications and high quality recordings and productions.


Q: Will I give up any rights to my songs and will I have to pay anything to Songwriter Connect if my song will be placed?

A: No, you keep all rights to your song and you don't have to pay us any money if your song gets a placement. You only give us the permission to pitch your song on your behalf.


Q: Will you screen my submissions to each opportunities?

A: Since you underwent an application process, we trust our members to only submit high quality, on target songs. That's why we don't fully screen the submissions. However, we only forward complete applications, so all files that are required for the opportunity (usually the mp3 of the song and a doc for the lyrics) must be included.


Q: If Songwriter Connect doesn't fully screen the submissions, others might submit low quality material hurting the rest of the community and the reputation of Songwriter Connect.

A: Even though we don't fully screen each submission, we do check submissions and approx. 1 out of 5 will be reviewed in detail. If we catch a submission that is clearly not on target for the opportunity (opportunity is looking for male pop songs and the submission is female country) or the quality of the recording is below professional standard, we will send out a warning to that member and monitor future submissions by that member. If caught a second time, the member will be banned from Songwriter Connect.


Q: Will I receive feedback for all my submissions?

A: We will forward you submission with your contact details directly to the contact person. It is then up to the contact person to get in touch with you. Some will leave feedback even for non positive submissions, while others will only reply if they are interested in signing you or your song.


Q: Can I submit my friend's music?

A: No, you can only submit songs you have written or co-written.


Q: How long is my membership for?

A: From the moment you sign up the membership is valid for one year.


Q: Will my membership be renewed automatically?

A: In the past, renewal was not automatic.  However, Yes, you will now be renewed automatically. You may choose to cancel your membership by sending us an email requesting cancelation before the end of each12 months of membership. However we will ask for a submital audit every once in a while to verify the quality of your songs. If your songs have become below par, we reserve the right to not allow renewal until you submit better quality material.


Q: What are the other benefits of being a member of Songwriter Connect?

A: Besides the pitching opportunities you will receive many additional perks as a member. Free and discounted songwriting tools, discounted song demo production, other discounted products and services by highly recognized companies in the music industry and free songwriting resources, tips and tricks.


Q: I have another question that hasn't been answered. Can I contact you?

A; Yes, please send us an email to

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