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What the Press says about Songwriter Connect


"I do like the fact that they want to evaluate the songwriters and their music before acceptance. It shows that they aren’t promising fame and fortune to anyone who pays a fee."


- Gary Ewer Songwriting Blog-



"If you think your songs have what it takes to be performed by top-flight artists, or be used for sync purposes (appear in movies, TV, commercials or games), then Songwriter Connect is a new membership organisation that could be well worth checking out."


- Songwriting Magazine UK-



"Songwriter Connect has launched, with the platform already having several members who are successful songwriters with top hits in the US and Canada."


-International Songwriters Association-



"Created to enable talented songwriters gaining access to high quality placement opportunities with established performing artists, music publishers, film and TV. Songwriter Connect never has more than 500 members to insure high quality pitches to the opportunities."





"With Songwriter Connect, songwriters and composers don't have to wait a lifetime, to finally get connected with established singers."


- Sound and Silence-




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