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Membership strictly limited to 500 members per Society



Songwriter Connect membership includes:


  • Pitching Opportunities for artist placements

  • Pitching Opportunities for Film & TV

  • Free unlimited pitches

  • Your own profile

  • Your own email address

  • Keep all rights to your music

  • Free Songwriting resources

  • Discounted Songwriter Services

  • Songwriting and Music Industry news

  • Automatic entry into Top 6 Contest

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Songwriter Connect is Proud to Present Recent Top 6 Winners:
  2016: Ewan Cooper, Robert Baitinger, Ian Hooper, Jared KF Jones, David Hughes, Alicia Mills
  2015: AnDy Darling

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About Songwriter Connect


Songwriter Connect has been founded to enable talented songwriters gain access to high quality placement opportunities with established performing artists, music publishers, film and TV, and also to help promote songwriter performing artists. Songwriter Connect never has more than 500 members per Society to insure high quality pitches to the opportunities. Currently there is one Society, but that will eventually be divided into groups based upon locale and genre. The goal is to eventually have a total of 10 Societies throughout the English speaking world. Members go through a strict application process and are only accepted if their material is radio friendly, radio ready, high quality and well written. We are here to help songwriters, not to feed off of songwriters. Our site is dedicated to songwriting. Hence, you will not find any opportunities such as label deals or gig requests. We are happy to receive applications by songwriters, bands and performing singers/songwriters that have the goal to place their music with other artists or in film and TV, or songwriter/artists whose goal is to perform their own material as an Indie performing artist. We don't charge for the application, nor for pitches once accepted as a member. No frills, no unnecessary expenses. We are not here to entertain, we are here to help. 


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